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? Company Application: This is for organizations interested in enrolling their employees to get the Canadian Industrial Meat Cutter Certificate.

B. Company Information

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The Secondary Contact will receive the same notifications as the Primary Contact and will act as a back up in any circumstance.

C. Application Payment

If you are applying to any certification, an application fee must be paid when your application is submitted; further information will be provided when your application is approved. There is no fee for Evaluators (maximum of 2) and Organization Administrators.

Pricing Options
Employee Count Pricing
1-25 $275 per person + tax (if applicable)
26-99 $275 per person - 5% + tax (if applicable)
100+ $275 per person - 10% + tax (if applicable)


For the pilot, we will only be allowing the number of candidates and evaluators assigned to you via email by Tracy Biernacki Dusza. The pilot will be free of charge for the number of candidates allowed by FPSC. No payment will be required during this period.

Click for Workplace Requirements
  • A work area for the evaluation to be conducted. This may be on the line or in a separate area set up for evaluation.
  • PPE provided by the employer, e.g. disposable gloves, aprons
  • Equipment/tools, e.g. knives to conduct the evaluation
  • One piece of meat
  • Cleaning and sanitation supplies
  • Maximum of 2 performance evaluators per company, who will require:
    • Must have passed the Online Knowledge Exam component of the CCIMC Level 1 Certification before Evaluator training
    • Time to take Evaluator training (maximum 2 hours)
    • Access to the organization’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), e.g. required PPE, etc.
    • A device to take a video recording of the candidate’s performance. This could include a GoPro camera with a tripod, an iPhone or an android device with a tripod.
    • Access to a computer. Click here for technical requirements

Technical Requirements:

The Examinee is required to have a webcam installed on their exam workstation and reliable access to the internet.

An internet connection disruption will suspend the test session. The following are minimum technical requirements:

  • A good working computer with 1 GB of RAM or higher
  • A high-speed internet connection (3MBps). Wireless is acceptable; however, a wired connection is preferred
  • A webcam with 640x480 video pixel resolution (a laptop camera is acceptable)
  • Working speakers connected to the computer
  • A microphone connected to the computer (consider a webcam with a built-in microphone)
  • Flash player version 7 or higher
  • Browser compatibility: IE (recommended), Firefox, Chrome, Safari